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Learn to Sing! Kids

An exciting and informative online singing course for primary school aged children.
Learn to sing in this fun course!
Course Introduction

Learn to sing! KIDS

Watch this video to learn more about the 8 week singing course for primary school-aged children. 
Watch the Learn to Sing introduction video
What's included in the course?
  • Learn at your own pace – complete 8 weeks of video lessons over 10 weeks!
  • Great singing materials! Learn 2 songs plus singing exercises.
  • Learn to do it right! Singing techniques that really work.
  • Individualised feedback with an opportunity to submit a video to your teacher for specific direction. 
  • Fun quizzes along the way!
  • Certificate upon completion!

Use your Creative Kids Voucher!
(NSW Australia)

School students in NSW can use their Creative Kids Voucher towards the cost of this course!

Visit the Service NSW website for more information on Creative Kids vouchers.

Affordable, Quality lessons

Each course is currently at a cost of only $100. 

Start your musical journey now, by enrolling in our 'Learn To Sing! Kids (Module 1)'

How to use the eSchool

Watch this short video for a simple explanation of how to access the Learn to Sing! KIDS course material and work through the weekly content.

Watch the 'How to use the eSchool' video


What will I learn in the Learn To Sing! Kids course?

This course will teach you some fundamental singing exercises to help you with your pitching, techniques to help you with your sound and songs that will give you a chance to enjoy how your singing is developing.

What is the weekly time commitment to the course?

Each week there will be 3 short (approximately 3:30 each) video lessons to watch (1 x singing tips/techniques video, 1 x Singing Warm Up Video and 1 x Song Video). There will also be 1 singing exercise recording supplied for students to practice with  (approximately 2 minutes in length) and 1 song recording for students to sing with (maximum 3:30 in length). Some weeks there will also be a short (5 questions) multiple choice quiz to help students to revisit the techniques that have been spoken about in that week’s lessons. 

The total time required to complete each week's work should be no more than 20 minutes. Students can however practice with the materials as often as they would like to, and even download the recordings to continue practicing with after they have completed that week of work. Apart from having 10 weeks to complete the 8 weeks of lessons, there is no other time restrictions as to how quickly you need to complete each week’s work. 

Do I have to start at the beginning of term?

You can start the course whenever it is the right time for you! 

Do I need any special technical equipment to participate in the course?

You will need a device or computer with internet capabilities to access the learning materials online. There is an option within the course to submit a video recording of yourself performing the materials for individual feedback from your teacher. If you would like to participate in this video recording option, you will need one device to play your backing track from and another to video yourself on.

What system requirements will I need to run the course on my computer/device?

Operating system
Windows requirements: Windows 7 or later
Mac requirements: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later
Linux requirements: 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+,openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+
Windows requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or later
Mac requirements: Intel
Linux requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or later
2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended  
Screen resolution
1280x1024 or larger  
Application window size
1024x680 or larger  
Internet connection

Is this course the same as getting one-on-one music lessons?

While this course does not give you weekly contact with a teacher where you are given individual directions to help you with your singing, it does use the primary exercises and techniques taught to all beginner-level students. As there is a chance to receive individualised feedback twice within the term, this is helps the course to still have a personal aspect to lessons with directions that are specific each student’s progress. These lessons are an excellent option for personalised singing lessons without the hefty price tag that often comes with one-on-one lessons.

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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